STRONG POINT Concentration of high technologies. Aiko System that creates flow in new age by integrated power


Today's diverse lifestyles and individualized interests call for more advanced technical skills, greater accuracy and high speed in production to better respond to the customized demands. The Aiko system responds to all the customer's needs and supplies state-of-the-art products. We use the latest industrial technologies and develop the products in any design specifications.


Our goal is to provide the best quality products to our customers. Since our inception, this has been our mission. As a result, we have earned the respect and reputation from our business customers. We have established great business relationships.

Customized Production

One of our strengths is to assemble not only finished products but also partial products (component parts). We put together various parts in different lines and produce the partial products depending on the customers' needs. We will work as our customers' systems integrator and reliable partner.

Global Management

We established the most up-to-date manufacturing company in Shanghai. We utilize our network in Asia to ensure the timely supply of various electrical materials.